Subject: Review by RJ Mayodong

Evolution Martial Arts Center is a great place to learn Self Defense and Physical Work Out through the supervision
and instruction of Master James Barrios. Started with my children, from 7 yrs. old to my preteen, Master Barrios
patiently teaches the children with enthusiasm and fun. The children are always excited to attend the class where
they learn essential values and moral such as Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indominable Spirit
and Humility. Because of these reputations, our whole family has joined and enjoying his class.
By: (RJ Mayodong, 05/17/2011) Reviewed on Local.com


Subject: Quality instruction from a dedicated instructor

Mr. Barrios is one of the finest people I know, let alone one of the best Taekwondo instructors I have ever had.
While he was still a student at Rutgers University, he was holding down a full-time job, all the while tirelessly
attending our thrice-weekly Taekwondo practices and all our tests, competitions, and tournaments. His coaching
really turned around all of our members' performances, and I couldn't have efficiently run the Rutgers Taekwondo
club without him. He has been one of the biggest influences in my life, mentoring me and guiding me not only in
the sport of Taekwondo but strengthening me in spirit as well. My tremendous improvement is due to his teaching
and dedication all those years. Anyone who has him as a teacher should consider him/herself extremely fortunate.
It is rare to find such honesty and integrity in this world of "black belt factories." This school is truly not your
generic Taekwondo school.
By: (Han Hoang - former Rutgers Instructor & Team Captain, 09/15/2009) Reviewed on Local.com


Subject: Review by Tricia Arreola (former Philippine National Team member)

James Barrios is one of the best martial artists I know. He has been practicing martial arts since he was very
young. I had the pleasure of training with him while he was a member of the Philippine Junior Team. Hardworking
and talented, he is one person who is passionate about martial arts. I am happy that he has opened Evolution
Martial Arts. I have a 2 year old daughter and I can't wait until she's ready to join his class.
By: (tarreola, 09/18/2009) Reviewed on Local.com


Subject: Evolution Martial Arts Center

Master Barrios is among the best in the sport. As a former competitive teammate of his at Rutgers University, his
practice is unparalleled and his teaching skills are top notch. He was very influential to me through my
development as a martial artist. If you are serious about training, it is a privilege to have the chance to be coached
by Mr. Barrios. - James Huang 3rd degree black belt, Taekwondo www.kickcoachvideo.com
By: (James Huang - former Rutgers Team Captain, 09/14/2009) Reviewed on Local.com


Subject: James
I have trained with James for a few years. He is a great teacher along with a friend. His great instruction shows
how much he cares about his students, and preserving the study of a traditional Martial Art. If you are looking for a
school, and a great teacher who knows his material I would not pass the school up.
By: T. Jester - Modern Defense Institute (vitality82, 09/22/2009) Reviewed on Local.com



Awesome, down to earth instructor. Very nice facililty, great location and just a FUN place to be.
I've been training at EMAC for the past two months, give or take. I really enjoy the workouts and instruction that
area given at the school.The instructor provides a straight foward, no non-sense training curriculum and in my
opinion is one of the best schools around. The instructor is very down to earth and is an all around awesome
person. He's very passionate about teaching/sharing his art and it shows in his classes. Along with the awesome
instructor and workouts, the school is in a GREAT location. Around the school are a bunch of shops and
restaurants(and for the hardcore there is also a 24 hour gym... lol). I would recomend this school to anyone
interested in taking advantage of some of the very best training in Bay Area. -ET
By: (Eric T., 09/22/2009) Reviewed on Local.com


Subject: Evolution Martial Arts

I have been a student of Master Barrios for a few months now and im learning a lot. I just had my yellow belt test
and hoping i got my belt. You will feel very comfortable around Master Barrios and you will have fun in his class.
He is a great martial artist and i am proud to be his student. By: (Jerrel V. - 14 yrs old., Mr. serious, 09/30/2009)
Reviewed on Local.com


Subject: Intense but fun!

Trained with James for a few years. Great guy, even greater martial artist. His passion for Taekwondo and his
attention to detail makes him a very effective teacher. People would do well to learn martial arts under him.
By: (Reddy M., wrm508, 09/17/2009) Reviewed on Local.com


Subject: Great school for beginner to advanced

I've been a student of Master Barrios for a couple years and have been practicing taekwondo for 12 years. Master
Barrios loves to teach and has vast knowledge about the sport (he has the resume to back it too). Not only is he
great at leading workouts but he's there doing it with you. Hands down one of the best schools in the area.
By: (Isaac K. g3rx7nut, 09/16/2009) Reviewed on Local.com


Subject: Review by Mikkster

I used to be instructed by Mr. Barrios, I have to say he is one of the most dedicated martial artist I know. He is
always willing to share what he knows with others.
By: (Mikkster, 09/14/2009) Reviewed on Local.com

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